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The Hardscape Contractor in Indian Head, MD You Can Trust

Have you been thinking about adding certain hardscape features to your property to make it look even better? Do you also need help keeping some of the landscape features in excellent shape? Because it can be such a struggle to perform these tasks, you may want to think about hiring a hardscape contractor such as H & M Landscaping Services LLC. We handle landscape and hardscape work for our clients. Get to know our services below.

Our Services


As a landscaping contractor, we can provide the landscaping services you need. Whether it is maintenance work for all of the landscape features or the installation of new ones, we can provide the service to you.

Hardscape Service

Hardscape Service
We can also provide hardscape services as well and that includes installing hardscape features, maintaining them, or repairing them if they’re damaged. We’ll be using tried and tested methods for each task involving the hardscape.

Concrete Service

Concrete Service
We also provide concrete services to those who need them. We’ll make use of special equipment so we can properly construct and install concrete surfaces. We can make repairs to them as well.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
If there are trees that are in the way, we’ll remove them for you. If the tree in your backyard is potentially going to cause you major problems, our tree removal service is the right one for you to book.


Our mulching service includes applying the right type of mulch depending on the needs of the soil on your property. We’ll be able to apply the mulch evenly so that the quality of the soil will improve.

Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal
We can also remove the fallen leaves on your property as well, especially during the fall season. We’ll gather them all in one area and place them in garbage bags. We’ll dispose of them properly.


The Need for Professional Help

You may think that landscape work is something that every homeowner can do. But when it comes to major tasks such as installing hardscape features or maintaining the entire landscape with a lot of landscape features, you may need the help of professionals. You need specific tools for the task and they won’t be easy to come by. But if you hire professionals to do it for you, they’ll come equipped with them. So, consider leaving the front yard landscaping work to professionals like us.

The Process

Clients in Indian Head, MD won’t have to look elsewhere to get the small backyard landscaping services you need because we follow a specific process. We make sure to inspect the entire landscape first so we know exactly what we’ll be dealing with. We’ll cater the maintenance routine according to the specific needs of your landscape and the features installed in it. This way, the landscape will improve. Try our services so you can see them for yourself.

The Areas We Serve

You don’t have to be from the Indian Head, MD area to get the hardscape work that you need. We also work on landscapes in the surrounding areas as well. You don’t have to worry because we know that you’re going to need professional help to address some concerns. So, look at the list below to see if your area is included.

  • Potomac Heights, MD
  • Bensville, MD
  • La Plata Town, MD
  • Bryans Road, MD
  • Pomfret, MD
  • Pomonkey, MD
  • Waldorf, MD
  • Marbury, MD
  • Rison, MD

H & M Landscaping Services LLC provides the complete landscape services you need. Get in touch if you need help with your landscape!

Client Testimonials

The Best in the Business

This hardscape contractor is the best in the business. I've hired them a couple of times so I can say that they really do great work. They've managed to improve my landscape many times.

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